Monday, January 30, 2012

What a Celebration - Beyond the Expected!

It was quite a day!  January 19 was the day we celebrated with the Cedar Rapids community with an event where community members could come and see how the building turned out.  We had almost 600 people come walk around, take tours, eat, drink and be merry.  The Mayor of Cedar Rapids, Ron Corbett opened the afternoon with a few words about Cedar Rapids flood recovery and how TrueNorth is a positive force for that process.  Duane Smith, CEO of TrueNorth, then spoke about the  evolution TrueNorth has gone through including commitment to downtown and our community.  Finally that afternoon, we had our official ribbon cutting ceremony with members of the city council and founders and executives there to officially welcome us to the new building at 500 1st St. SE. 

Duane Smith, TrueNorth CEO
Mayor Ron Corbett
It's official!  We are in the new TrueNorth building.
We had many positive comments, gushing accolades and community support, we were overwhelmed.  Thank you so much to those of you who were able to make it to the event.  If you were not able, check out the following pictures.
Community members signing in

Loren Coppock, TrueNorth Principal, and Dave Ver Woert,  Benefits Executive Vice President visiting with attendees.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Fresh New Beginning

We've been in our building for a few weeks now but so much is happening at our old one.  The 421 4th Ave building is coming down in stages and is bittersweet for many of us here at TrueNorth.  You'll see in the following pictures offices of colleagues are simply not there anymore as well as windows and walls.  We are excited to be in our new beautiful new building but to see the old one going down to make way for the library is kind of odd.  We truly believe this fresh new beginning for both organizations is great for the community!
Bulldozer at west end of the old TrueNorth building tearing down those walls

All windows are out of the east side of the old building, too.  So odd to see offices of colleagues without walls and windows.
On Jan 5, this is what the east side looks like!

Front of 421 4th Ave.

It's crazy to see where the TrueNorth sign used to be but...

See where it is now.  It illuminates our garage!

Our wall is complete now in the lobby on the second floor of the building. 
Great to see the quote that originated the name of the company on the wall with the logo.

Monday, December 5, 2011

We've Settled In

Well we've been in our building for almost two weeks and we seem to be settling in nicely.  Staff are getting their offices and cubicles arranged and even getting used to new people around them in some cases.  As for the building, little things are happening daily to bring it to full completion. Look at all the changes since we moved in!  Then, at the end, see pictures of our employee holiday party.
Collaboration spaces got signs.

Design Centers got our logo plus signs on the windows

What do you see when you walk in the front door?  This fun sign on the window behind the front desk.

Namplates on offices have been put up. 
 On Decmeber 3, we had our annual Employee Holiday party.  Rudolf brought both Mrs. Claus and Santa Claus to visit the new building.  More than 240 employee families enjoyed pictures with Santa, cookies, cocoa and crafts to take home as well as a gift from TrueNorth for all the kids that visited.  What a great event!
Our first picture with Santa was with this cute little guy!

Mrs Claus remained outside with Rudolf so kids and adults alike could visit them.
What a full house in our new Learning Center!  Now we know we can fit lots of people in the room!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Finishing Touches to the Building Before the Move

Well the final touches are being put in place the the cleaning crew is working feverishly to clean all the areas of the new building.  Less than one day until the move begins!
Banquettes in the Breakroom

Employee kitchen is done...look at all the microwaves

Collaboration spaces are done

Garden terrace columns are up and ready for the roof in the spring

Copy room

Executive office mini kitchen

Family room furniture is in

All the fish tank needs now is the fish

Love the blue chairs in the floating conference room

Entry wall opposite the panel wall

New sod and trees in at the front of the building

Stairs are ready for use

Waiting area wall is complete

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Only Four Days Left

There are a mere FOUR days until we are in our new building for the first day of work. It's all becoming quite real as you will see in the pictures.  Some moving carts have been piled up in our current building in preparation for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Here are the final pictures until the big day!  Enjoy and be looking for pictures once we've actually moved in!
New Board Room

The columns are being put up for the shade that will cover our garden terrace in the spring

One of the many collaboration/meeting room

The inspiration wall in the marketing room.

A look at cubicle row when it's all complete

Studs have been set for the collaboration space 'walls'

Yep, it's real.  The moving carts are here.

Moving process has begun

There's Less Than a Week

WOW!  How quickly this time has gone from beginning to nearing the end of the new TrueNorth building!  We are excited to be moving on Friday of this week but with that comes those last minute things that all the great workers at the building are doing...frantically.  Everything seems to be coming together relatively smoothly. And we can't wait to start in our new building on Monday where we will have a nice opening breakfast for everyone who works for TrueNorth. We will not only get a welcome from the CEO Duane Smith but we will be taking an all staff photo.  So exciting doesn't even begin to cover it!
Booths in the new Breakroom area

Tall tables and chairs in the new Breakroom

TVs and recycle/trash center in the Breakroom

The fish guy has started the process for the new fish tank

Fishtank wall is done and the fish guy has started the work to move the fish here.

New front desk

Outside front of the building where some beautiful foliage will be in the spring

New furniture for the lobby waiting area

Chairs in Kirsten's office...don't they make you want to get CREATIVE!

New lights in entry and the floating conference room

New chairs near the fireplace in the Breakroom/Living Room area

New stripes on the new parking lot in front of the building

A typical set up for an office

Tables in the Design Centers

Two story paneled wall in the entry

Paneling in the waiting area

Wall of Excellence

Water fountain wall is really pretty